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Open Meeting Webcasts

Executive Order No. 3, requires state agencies and public authorities to broadcast meetings subject to the Open Meetings Law via the internet. This page provides easy access to NYS government open meeting information and corresponding webcasts.

Open Meeting Webcasts


04/02/2014 OTDA-Homeless Housing Assistance & Corp Board Meeting 1:30 PM (LIVE)
04/03/2014 Thruway Authority/Canal Corporation Board & Committee Meetings (Live)
04/03/2014 Advisory Council on Underage Alcohol Consumption and Youth Substance Abuse
04/04/2014 DOH - Minority Health Council Meeting
04/08/2014 Board of Real Estate Appraisal Meeting
04/08/2014 Dormitory Authority Audit Committee Meeting
04/08/2014 Hudson River - Black River Regulating District
04/08/2014 HCR Committee Meetings for HFA, AHC, SONYMA, MBBA, TSFC & HTFC
04/09/2014 Atlantic Avenue Healthcare Property Holding Corporation Meeting
04/09/2014 Dormitory Authority of the State of New York
04/09/2014 Dormitory Authority Finance Committee Meeting
04/09/2014 Behavioral Health Service Advisory Council Meeting (LIVE)
04/10/2014 New York Local Government Assistance Corporation Board Meeting - 2:00 PM
04/10/2014 DOH - Public Health and Health Planning Council Meeting
04/10/2014 HCR Board & Committee Meetings for HFA, AHC, SONYMA, MBBA, TSFC & HTFC
04/17/2014 NYS Insurance Fund Board of Commissioners Meeting (LIVE)
04/23/2014 Division of Budget - Public Authorities Control Board - 2 PM
04/23/2014 SUNY Construction Fund Board of Trustees Meeting - 3PM Live
04/29/2014 NYS Workers' Compensation Board 2014 April Board Meeting
04/30/2014 Cemetery Board Meeting
04/30/2014 NYS Board of Elections Commisioners Meeting - 12:00 PM (Live)

State Agencies are responsible for the posting and maintenance of webcast links on this page. More information about webcasting requirements and posting procedures can be found at: Executive Order 3 - Open Meetings page.
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