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Municipality Websites Listed By County
  This page presents links to the official government websites for counties, cities, towns, villages in New York State. For local government officials: To update or add an official local government site to this page please send an e-mail to


Show all municipalities in county

     Cayuga, County of
       Auburn, City of
       Aurelius, Town of
       Brutus, Town of
           Weedsport, Village of
       Cato, Town of
           Cato, Village of
       Conquest, Town of
       Fleming, Town of
       Genoa, Town of
       Ira, Town of
       Ledyard, Town of
           Aurora, Village of
       Locke, Town of
       Mentz, Town of
       Montezuma, Town of
       Moravia, Town of
           Moravia, Village of
       Niles, Town of
       Owasco, Town of
       Scipio, Town of
       Sempronius, Town of
       Sennett, Town of
       Springport, Town of
           Union Springs, Village of
       Sterling, Town of
           Fair Haven, Village of
       Summerhill, Town of
       Throop, Town of
       Venice, Town of
       Victory, Town of
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