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  Workplace Issues
 Are there grants available to address workplace safety training for workers in New York State?
 Are there special rules applicable to the employment of child performers?
 As a State employee I am having some personal problems that are affecting my work. Where can I get some confidential help?
 Can my employer fire me for no 'valid' reason?
 How does an employer obtain a listing of governmental records regarding his/her violations of New York State Labor Law?
 How does DOL determine which rate applies to a particular task for the payment of prevailing wage on a public work project?
 How does DOL determine which union or unions is the appropriate labor organization for determining prevailing rates? What if there is more than one collective bargaining agreement in a given locality?
 I am a worker who has been injured on the job or suffers from a work-related illness. Where can I find information about my rights under the workers' compensation law?
 I believe I'm being discriminated against at my place of employment, where can I go for help?
 I was the oldest worker at my place of employment. I was recently fired because my boss thought I was too old for the job. He often showed a preference for younger workers. Is this age discrimination? If so, where can I go for help?
 I'm a female (male) who's being sexually harassed on the job. Where can I go for help?
 Must I be paid for holidays and vacations?
 My employer is discriminating against me and/or is harassing me. To whom can I report this behavior?
 What are the legal types and amounts of deductions that may be taken out of an employee's wages?
 What is the amount of compensation to be afforded employees with respect to the period between reporting time and 'clocking' time?
 What is the current minimum wage in New York State?
 What is the role of the Local Workforce Investment Board (LWIB)?
 What resources do you have available for finding work and getting hired?
 What types of employment are minors permitted to perform?
 When , where and how do I file a complaint with the New York State Division of Human Rights?
 When does Article 8 of the Labor Law, which requires the payment of prevailing rates of wages to employees, apply to a particular construction project?
 When must overtime rates be paid to employees? What are overtime rates?
 Where can I get crime prevention and safety pamphlets to hand out?
 Where can I obtain more information regarding maternity leave? If I leave my job due to my pregnancy, am I eligible for unemployment?
 Who do I contact for questions regarding safety procedures and the safety of my work environment?
 Will I be fired when my employer discovers that I filed a complaint with the Division of Human Rights?
  Youth Employment
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