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  Professional Licensing
 Are boiler operators required to be licensed or certified? What types of boilers are required to be inspected and whom do I call for welded repairs?
 Are there any exemptions from Insurance Continuing Education requirements?
 Are there any Insurance Continuing Education Providers, Courses or Monitors in my area? When will courses be offered?
 Are there Insurance Continuing Education courses approved to be applicable to all classes of licenses? Can I take these courses and use their credits to renew my Life Agent license as well as my Broker license?
 Do I need a license to work at a racetrack or casino in New York State?
 How do I become a licensed real estate salesperson?
 How do I become licensed to operate a driving school in New York State or become certified to be a driving school instructor?
 How do I get a license to work at a racetrack in New York State?
 How do I go about becoming a licensed guide?
 I completed an approved Insurance Continuing Education course 3½ years ago. Can’t I receive credit for successfully completing that course?
 Is a license required to possess radioactive materials or x-ray equipment, and what fees apply, if any?
 Where can I get information regarding my professional license?
 Which courses must I take to satisfy my Insurance Producer Continuing Education requirements?
  Professional Misconduct and Discipline
  Unemployment Insurance Benefits
  Workers Compensation
  Working for Government in New York State
  Workplace Issues
  Youth Employment
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