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 As a member of the Teachers' Retirement System, can I receive credit for private school teaching or working for the federal government?
 As a member of the Teachers' Retirement System, if I earn extra salary during the school year or for teaching summer school, do I earn more service credit?
 As a member of the Teachers' Retirement System, if I move, can I change my on-file address by just calling the System?
 Can I get a loan from the New York State Employees Retirement System?
 Can I get a NYSTRS loan if I have never made contributions to the Retirement System?
 Can I receive credit in the Teachers' Retirement System for working at a charter school?
 How can active members and pensioners of the New York State and Local Retirement Systems and the Police and Fire Retirement System find information?
 How can I find out information on COLA - Cost of Living Adjustments that may change my retirement plan benefit?
 How can I get information on Tier Equity from the New York State Employees Reirement System?
 How can I learn more about Medicare and find answers to the many questions I have?
 How can members of the New York State and Local Retirement System get information on Pensions?
 How does a veteran who is a public employee get credit in the public retirement system for his or her military service?
 I belong to the New York State Employees' Retirement Plan. Does New York State have a supplementary retirement plan like a 401(k)?
 I originally joined NYSTRS but switched to TIAA/CREF and am now referred to by NYSTRS as a 'Discontinued Member.' Am I eligible for any benefits from NYSTRS?
 I was eligible to collect my retirement benefit three years ago. If I file now, will I receive retroactive payments?
 If I am in Tier 2, 3 or 4 with 30 years of service, can I retire at age 55 without any reductions to my pension? Or do I have to wait until age 62?
 When it comes time to retire, is it necessary to go to NYSTRS offices in Albany for an estimate and application?
 Where can an older worker or retiree find help to update his/her skills to get back into the workforce?
 Where can retirees and others find information on volunteering some time helping seniors or on other volunteer opportunities for retirees?
 Why can't the Teachers' Retirement System make changes to improve benefits for its members?
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  Working for Government in New York State
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