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  Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
  Business Licenses, Business Permits
 Can I get E - ZPass for my business?
 Can property developers or entrepreneurs buy or lease land owned by the New York State Canal Corporation along the Canal?
 Do I need a license to operate as a Professional Employer Organization?
 Do I need to register and report my lobbying activity on a local government level?
 How can I do business with the Canal Corporation?
 How can I find out whether a person or company has a license issued by the Department of State?
 How can I receive help in getting permits to start or expand a business?
 How do environmental regulations impact small businesses?
 How do I apply to become a notary public?
 How do I become a licensed private investigator in New York State?
 How do I become a licensed real estate salesperson or broker in New York State?
 How do I become a licensed real estate salesperson?
 How do I become a licensed security or fire alarm installer in New York State?
 How do I become a Lottery Retailer?
 How do I review records that are on file with the NYSDEC? How do I get environmental records on companies?
 How long does it take to become a Lottery retailer?
 I am an employer. Where can I find information on my rights and obligations under the NYS workers compensation and disability benefits laws?
 I am interested in starting a business along the Canal System. What type of business would compliment current activity on the Canal System?
 I have registered as a lobbyist in New York City and/or Suffolk County. Am I required to register with the Joint Commission on Public Ethics?
 What are the requirements for selling food that is processed at home?
 What are the requirements to become a watch, guard, or patrol agency in New York State?
 What is the State Environmental Quality Review Act (SEQR), and where can I find information about the SEQR process?
 Where can I get information and forms to register as a lobbyist or an employer or client of a lobbyist?
 Where can I obtain information about liquor licenses and/ or permits?
  Business Taxes
  Contracting with New York State
  Economic Development
  Ending a Business
  Labor-Management Relations
  Lottery Information
  Minority and Women-Owned Businesses
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  Professional Licensing
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