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 Are boiler operators required to be licensed or certified? What types of boilers are required to be inspected and whom do I call for welded repairs?
 Are the New York State Labor Laws on the Internet?
 Are there special rules applicable to the employment of child performers?
 As an employer, can I appeal a determination regarding my liability under the Unemployment Insurance Law?
 Can anyone access information regarding a person's unemployment insurance claim?
 Can I appeal a former employee's claim for unemployment insurance benefits?
 Do I need a license to operate as a Professional Employer Organization?
 Do I need to register and report my lobbying activity on a local government level?
 Does a garment manufacturer have to register as an employer with New York State?
 Does my vehicle require a special hauling permit or any other permit while traveling on the NYS Thruway?
 Does New York State offer workplace safety consultations? How does it benefit small business?
 Does the New York State Environmental Facilities Corporation (EFC) offer small businesses technical help with air emission compliance?
 How big are the locks on New York’s Canal System?
 How can an employer obtain information contained within the file of a former employee who is seeking unemployment insurance coverage?
 How can I do business with the Canal Corporation?
 How deep is the Canal System?
 How do I ensure the questions on job applications are legal and acceptable?
 How does an employer obtain a listing of governmental records regarding his/her violations of New York State Labor Law?
 How does DOL determine which union or unions is the appropriate labor organization for determining prevailing rates? What if there is more than one collective bargaining agreement in a given locality?
 How has New York state simplified the regulatory process and cut government red tape?
 I am a health care provider. Where can I find information that relates to my participation in the NYS workers' compensation system?
 I am a third-party administrator (TPA). Where can I find information relevant to my participation in the NYS workers' compensation system?
 I am an attorney, or licensed representative. Where can I find information specific to my participation in the workers compensation system.
 I am an employer. Where can I find information on my rights and obligations under the NYS workers compensation and disability benefits laws?
 I am an insurance carrier\representative. Where can I find information specific to my participation in the NYS workers' compensation system?
 I am establishing a corporation that is providing educational services. Do I need approval from the Education Department before filing a proposed corporate document with the Department of State?
 I have registered as a lobbyist in New York City and/or Suffolk County. Am I required to register with the Joint Commission on Public Ethics?
 Is a license required to possess radioactive materials or x-ray equipment, and what fees apply, if any?
 What are the Canal System's operating dates and hours?
 What are the height restrictions for navigating on New York’s Canals?
 What are the legal types and amounts of deductions that may be taken out of an employee's wages?
 What are the posting requirements required by New York State law and, as an employer, how can I obtain the required posters?
 What are the requirements for selling food that is processed at home?
 What does the New York State Environmental Facilities Corporation (EFC) do for the New York City watershed?
 What employment is considered 'covered' by Unemployment Insurance law in New York State?
 What environmental compliance funding programs does the New York State Environmental Facilities Corporation (EFC) offer for businesses?
 What is the amount of compensation to be afforded employees with respect to the period between reporting time and 'clocking' time?
 What is the New York State Environmental Facilities Corporation (EFC)?
 What is the policy for towing tractor trailers that break down while traveling Thruway?
 What state agency must a contractor notify before beginning an asbestos removal project?
 What types of employment are minors permitted to perform?
 When does an employer have to file Unemployment Insurance taxes?
 When does Article 8 of the Labor Law, which requires the payment of prevailing rates of wages to employees, apply to a particular construction project?
 When must overtime rates be paid to employees? What are overtime rates?
 Who do I call if my vehicle needs to be towed from the Thruway? What do I do if my vehicle gets towed from the Thruway?
 Who must comply with the mandatory workplace safety and loss prevention consultation under Workers' Compensation Reform?
 Will it cost me anything to travel along the New York State Canal System?
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