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  Consumer Services
 Are credit card solicitations received in the mail legitimate?
 Are there any resources for educating and informing people about the legal rights of individuals with disabilities?
 At a real estate closing there are so many documents. How do I know what all the charges are and where my money went?
 Can I apply for a New York Lottery Lotto subscription if I live outside New York?
 Can I buy New York Lottery tickets over the Internet?
 Can my mortgage company sell my loan? Why do they do it?
 How can I be sure that the labeling on my product is correct?
 How can I get Public Assistance/Child Support withdrawals back?
 How can I place a complaint about a utility?
 How can I save money on my Utility Bills?
 How do I file a complaint about a bank or other financial institution (check casher, mortgage banker, money transmitter, licensed lender etc.) with the New York State Banking Department?
 How do I find information regarding consumer rights?
 How do I find the rates, charges, rules and regulations for utility service providers in New York State?
 How do I get the winning Lottery numbers for the past year?
 How do I play Lotto by mail?
 How do I review records that are on file with the NYSDEC? How do I get environmental records on companies?
 How long is a personal check valid for?
 How much escrow can a bank keep?
 How much income tax will I pay on my Lottery prize at the end of the year?
 How much money in taxes will be withheld from my Lottery prize?
 How should I choose a new energy source?
 How should I choose a telephone service provider?
 I am a process server, and I need to find out on whom I can serve legal papers for a particular banking institution.
 I deposited a check in my account. The bank teller gave me back a stamped copy of a deposit slip. Then the bank lost my check, and said they could not credit my account until I contacted the writer of the check. Why?
 I deposited a check in my bank but the bank has not credited my account. How long does it take for a check to clear?
 I financed the purchase of a car through my local bank. The loan has been paid off, but the bank still has a lien on the vehicle. How long does it take for the bank to remove the lien?
 I found an old savings passbook. Whom do I contact about getting my money back?
 I have special needs, how can the New York State Public Service Commission help me?
 I just opened a package of food from my local grocery store and noticed that the product is spoiled or misrepresented on the label. Who do I call?
 I need information about a bank which no longer exists. Whom do I contact?
 I paid for a real estate appraisal. Why won’t the bank give it to me?
 I plan to loan an individual a sum of money. What is the allowable interest rate I can charge in New York State?
 I thought I had three business days, or 72 hours, to cancel any type of purchase or contract agreement in New York State. Is this true?
 I went to a local check casher who would not cash my check because it was more than one week old. Can they do that?
 Is it legal to charge a mortgage prepayment penalty?
 Is my bank deposit insured?
 Is the New York State Banking Department a clearing agent for U.S. Savings Bonds?
 My accounts have become delinquent due to some unfortunate circumstances, and creditors are harassing me by calling at all hours of day and night. What are my rights?
 My bank is foreclosing on my house because I'm several months late in making payments, and the bank won't accept partial payments. What can I do?
 My electric service been shut off in the dead of winter and it affects my heating. What should I do?
 The bank I went to would not cash my payroll check. Can someone call and tell the bank to cash my check?
 The bank refuses to take payments on my mortgage. Can it do that? Why?
 What are the rules governing telephone service to customers?
 What can I do about telephone slamming?
 What can I do if I believe I have been discriminated against by a lender?
 What is a reverse mortgage?
 What is the maximum amount in my account that is insured?
 What is the maximum interest rate I can be charged by the bank issuing my credit card?
 What is the right of recission and when does it apply?
 What should I do before I hire a moving company?
 What should I do before the power goes out?
 What should I do if I have a problem with my Cable Television Service?
 What type of unclaimed funds are held by the Comptroller?
 When I apply for a mortgage, what documents should I receive from the lender?
 Where can I find a listing of programs and services for persons with developmental disabilities in New York State?
 Where can I find a New York Lottery Claim Center?
 Where can I find information about environmental issues that affect my community?
 Where can I get a list of New York State licensed Mortgage Bankers and Mortgage Brokers?
 Where can I obtain protection and advocacy legal or technical assistance regarding rights and services for people with disabilities?
 Who is responsible for setting rates and ensuring that adequate service is provided by my utility company?
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