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 After purchasing a life insurance policy, is there a period of time during which I can change my mind and have my money refunded?
 I purchased an item with cash and would like to return it for a cash refund but the store refuses—stating its policy is to offer store credit only. Is this legal?
 I thought I had three business days, or 72 hours, to cancel any type of purchase or contract agreement in New York State. Is this true?
 If I make a mistake in completing an application for a life insurance policy, can the insurer void my policy?
 If I pay my annual life insurance premium and then decide to cancel my policy, will I receive a pro rata refund of my premium?
 If there is a delay in a life insurer paying the death benefit to the beneficiary when a death claim is made, is the beneficiary entitled to any interest on the death benefit?
 In order to purchase life insurance I am told I must have an 'insurable interest' in the person to be insured. What is 'insurable interest'?
 What are the requirements for selling food that is processed at home?
 What happens if I forget to pay my life insurance premium by its due date?
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