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 How can I file a complaint about an automobile repair shop, inspection station or dealer?
 How can I place a complaint about a utility?
 How do I file a complaint about a bank or other financial institution (check casher, mortgage banker, money transmitter, licensed lender etc.) with the New York State Banking Department?
 How do I file a complaint about my physician?
 How do I file a report of a suspected fraudulent insurance transaction or activity with the Insurance Department Frauds Bureau?
 How do I report a situation where animals are treated and/or kept in an inhumane manner?
 I believe a state-operated or licensed program serving people with mental disabilities is misusing funds or committing fiscal fraud. Where can I report this?
 I have a complaint about the care and treatment at a New York State-operated or licensed facility or program for people with mental disabilities. What should I do?
 I just opened a package of food from my local grocery store and noticed that the product is spoiled or misrepresented on the label. Who do I call?
 I live near a farm and am concerned about run-off coming onto my property. Who can I call to have them look into this?
 I think I have a tree that is infested with the Asian Longhorned Beetle. How can I tell? Who do I call to confirm whether or not I do?
 I'm having a problem with a business or governmental agency and I'm not sure where to turn. Where can I submit this information?
 What can I do about telephone slamming?
 What can I do if I am denied health care services on the basis that the services are not medically necessary?
 What Can I do if unwanted charges appear on my telephone bill?
 What should I do if I have a problem with my Cable Television Service?
 Where can I register a complaint about the care being provided a resident in a local nursing home?
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