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  Thruway Information
 Are New York State Thruway tolls waived for U.S. Military Veterans?
 Are tourist information centers located on the Thruway?
 Does my vehicle require a special hauling permit or any other permit while traveling on the NYS Thruway?
 How can I find out what my Thruway tolls will be?
 How can I learn more about what there is to see and do on the New York State Canal System?
 How do I check traffic on the Tappan Zee Bridge?
 How many travel plazas does the Thruway operate? Where are they located? What will I find at each?
 Is there Lane Closure information available for the Thruway?
 What does it mean when the yellow lights are flashing on the road signs?
 What is E - ZPass? How do I get it?
 What is the policy for towing tractor trailers that break down while traveling Thruway?
 What is the Thruway? Which roads are part of the system?
 Where can I find out what the travel conditions are like on the Thruway during periods of inclement weather?
 Where is E - ZPass accepted?
 Who do I call if my vehicle needs to be towed from the Thruway? What do I do if my vehicle gets towed from the Thruway?
 Who operates New York's Canal System?
  Traffic Safety
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