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  Marine & Recreational Vehicles
 Can one drive a boat from Albany to Buffalo on the Canal? How long would it take?
 Can someone rent a boat with sleeping and cooking accommodations for exploring the Canal System?
 How big are the locks on New York’s Canal System?
 How can I learn more about what there is to see and do on the New York State Canal System?
 How deep is the Canal System?
 How do I find a boat launch site in New York State?
 How do I register a boat in NYS?
 How do I register my snowmobile in New York State?
 How long is the New York State Canal System?
 I'm looking for a place to launch my boat in the Hudson River. Where can I find the nearest boat launch?
 Is there a place to hike or bike along the Canal System? What is the Canalway Trail?
 What are the Canal System's operating dates and hours?
 What are the height restrictions for navigating on New York’s Canals?
 What funding programs are available through the New York State Environmental Facilities Corporation (EFC) for the disposal of recreational marine vessel septic waste?
 Where can I find information on Snowmobiling in New York State?
 Where can I sign up for a Boating Safety Course?
 Where I can get information on locations to dock my boat(ie., marinas)?
 Who operates New York's Canal System?
 Will it cost me anything to travel along the New York State Canal System?
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