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 Can I apply for a New York Lottery Lotto subscription if I live outside New York?
 Can I buy New York Lottery tickets over the Internet?
 Does Lottery revenue really go to education?
 How can I get a job with the New York Lottery?
 How can I get Public Assistance/Child Support withdrawals back?
 How do I become a Lottery Retailer?
 How do I get the winning Lottery numbers for the past year?
 How do I play Lotto by mail?
 How long does it take to become a Lottery retailer?
 How much income tax will I pay on my Lottery prize at the end of the year?
 How much Lottery revenue is allocated to each school district?
 How much money in taxes will be withheld from my Lottery prize?
 I'm a reporter. How do I get additional information about prize winners or get in touch with past winners?
 If schools get money from the Lottery why doesn't the public see it?
 What is the current Lotto jackpot?
 Where can I find a New York Lottery Claim Center?
 Where does Lottery money go?
 Why are my school taxes increasing if Lottery revenue was supposed to help school districts?
 Why do Lottery profits go to the state general fund instead of directly to the schools?
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