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  Highway Information
 Are New York State Thruway tolls waived for U.S. Military Veterans?
 Are there rules for how highway work zones are set up in New York State?
 Are tourist information centers located on the Thruway?
 Do you have standards for design and construction of driveways onto New York State highways?
 Does my vehicle require a special hauling permit or any other permit while traveling on the NYS Thruway?
 How can I find out what my Thruway tolls will be?
 How do I apply for a Highway Work Permit?
 How do I check traffic on the Tappan Zee Bridge?
 How do I drive in a modern roundabout?
 How do I report a pothole on a New York State highway?
 How does New York State propose to improve US Route 219 between Springville in Erie County and Salamanca in Cattaraugus County?
 How many travel plazas does the Thruway operate? Where are they located? What will I find at each?
 I have a problem DOT needs to resolve. How do I request service from DOT?
 I live along a state highway and my driveway culvert pipe is clogged or damaged. Whose responsibility is it to maintain or replace the pipe?
 What are the penalties for violations of the New York State Vehicle and Traffic Law?
 What does it mean when the yellow lights are flashing on the road signs?
 What is a modern roundabout?
 What is the difference between a modern roundabout and a traffic circle?
 What is the policy for towing tractor trailers that break down while traveling Thruway?
 What is the Thruway? Which roads are part of the system?
 Where can I find out what the travel conditions are like on NYS roadways?
 Where can I find out what the travel conditions are like on the Thruway during periods of inclement weather?
 Where can I find traffic count information?
 Where is E - ZPass accepted?
 Who do I call if my vehicle needs to be towed from the Thruway? What do I do if my vehicle gets towed from the Thruway?
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