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  Licenses & Credentials > Driver License & Vehicle Registration
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    Alcohol / Substance Abuse Credentials
  Animal Licensing
  Business Licenses, Business Permits
  Driver License & Vehicle Registration
   On-line Check of an Automobile Liability Insurance Lapse Case
   On-line Entry of Proof of Automobile Liability Insurance
   On-line Motor Vehicle Accident Reports Search, Order and Access
   On-line Order for Replacement Driver License or Learner Permit
   On-line Original Vehicle Registration Application Preparation
   Information about Residency Requirements for Licenses and Registrations
   Department of Motor Vehicles Local Offices Directory
   How to Apply for a Driver License, Learner Permit, or Non-driver Photo ID Card
   How to Get Driver and Motor Vehicle Records
   How to Lookup and Order Personal and Custom Vehicle Plates
   How to Register a Boat in NYS
   How to Renew a Driver License, Learner Permit or Non-driver Photo ID Card
   How to Renew a Vehicle Registration
   How to Replace a NYS Driver License, Learner Permit or Non-Driver Photo ID Card
   How to Replace a Vehicle Title Certificate
   How to Replace Lost or Stolen Vehicle Registration, Title, or Plates
   How to Schedule an Automobile Road Test
   Information About Motor Vehicle Registration and Ownership in NYS
   Motor Vehicle (DMV) Publications Directory
   NYS Driver's Manual and On-line Practice Quiz
   On-line Access to a Substitute TVB Traffic Ticket
   On-line Check for Mailing Status of Photo Driver License
   On-line Check for Vehicle Plate Mailing Status
   On-line Driver License Renewal
   On-line Lookups and Orders for Personalized Vehicle Plates
   On-line Order for Personal Driver License Record
   On-line Order for Replacement Vehicle Registration
   On-line Payment of Driver License Suspension Termination Fee
   On-line Payment of Driver Responsibility Assessments
   On-line Payment of Insurance Lapse Civil Penalty
   On-line Scheduling of an Automobile Road Test
   On-line TVB Traffic Ticket ePlead
   On-line Vehicle Registration Renewal
   On-line Vehicle Title Certificate or Lien Status Check
   Use the One Stop Credentialing And Registration (OSCAR) Service
  Firearm Licenses
  Health Care Workers Credentials
  Hunting / Fishing / Trapping Licenses
  I Love New York Licensing
  Marriage Licenses
  Professional Licensing
  Professional Misconduct and Discipline
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