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  Housing > Buying or Selling Property
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    Affordable Housing
  Banking and Financial Services
  Building a Home
  Buying or Selling Property
 Are there any state programs that can assist me financially in building a new home?
 Do the State's housing agencies offer financial assistance to homebuyers who need help with closing costs?
 Does filing for bankruptcy mean I can never qualify for the state's morgage assistance program?
 Does the State offer any homeownership programs geared specifically toward low-income people?
 How can I get help from VA in securing a home loan?
 How do I buy property owned by New York State?
 I am interested in purchasing a home. Are there state programs that provide financial assistance to low- and moderate- income people?
 I believe my mortgage application was turned down by a bank because I 'm an African American. I believe I've been discriminated against. Where can I go for help?
 I own a home financed by a state program that I wish to sell. What information do I need to know before putting my house on the market?
 The home I'm interested in buying needs renovation work. Are there state programs that provide financial assistance to low- and moderate-income persons, like myself?
  Home Safety
  Housing for Persons with Disabilities
  Housing for the Elderly
  Volunteering / Community Service (HOUSING)
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