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  Health > Mental Health/Hygiene
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  Alcoholism / Substance Abuse Information
  Disability Issues (Health)
  Health Care Providers
  Health Insurance
  HIPAA - Health Ins. Portability & Accountability
  Illness or Condition
  Immunization Information
  Mental Health/Hygiene
   Dealing with Cognitive Dysfunction Associated with Psychiatric Disabilities
   Disability and the Law Video Series
   Financial Planning for Persons with Disabities
   Find information about mental illnesses
   Forensic Mental Health Services
   Learn about suicide prevention
   Savings Lives in New York: Suicide Prevention and Public Health
   Training and Technical Assistance
   Advance Directives for Mental and Physical Health Care
   Advocacy Services for Persons with Disabilities
   Balanced Scorecard: An OMH Measure of Quality
   Complaints About Care and Treatment for People with Disabilities
   Developmental Disabilities Services Listing and Map
   Directory of Services for Persons with Developmental Disabilities
   Employment Opportunities at New York State Office of Mental Health
   Federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)
   Future Planning for a Child with a Developmental Disability
   Investigation of Deaths in the Mental Hygiene System
   Kendra's Law (Assisted Outpatient Treatment)
   Learn about mental health services for children
   Locate Licensed Mental Health Program
   Mental Health, Office of - Contact Information
   NYS Local Correctional Suicide Prevention Crisis Service Program & training materials
   NYS Office of Mental Health Application for Prior Approval Review
   Office of Mental Health Consolidated Fiscal Reporting (CFR)
   Office of Mental Health Printing and Design Services
   Office of Mental Health Regulations
   Police-Mental Health Coordination Project & training materials
   Reporting Fiscal Fraud, Waste or Abuse in Mental Hygiene Programs
   State Operated Psychiatric Centers
   Statewide Comprehensive Plan for Mental Health Services
   Surrogate consent for mentally disabled persons
   The Commission on Quality of Care’s Speakers Bureau.
   What residential opportunities are available for people with disabilities.
  Patients Rights
  Staying Healthy / Wellness & Prevention
  Volunteering / Community Service (HEALTH)
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