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 Contact Information for State Agencies
  Contracting with New York State
 As a vendor, how do I find out about upcoming technology procurements by State agencies?
 Do you have a contract for what I want to buy?
 How can I do business with the Canal Corporation?
 How can I get a copy of the New York Contract Reporter to learn about technology contracting opportunities with New York State public sector?
 How do I become a construction contractor or consultant for NY State?
 How do I get a contract with the state for what I sell?
 How does DOL determine which rate applies to a particular task for the payment of prevailing wage on a public work project?
 How does DOL determine which union or unions is the appropriate labor organization for determining prevailing rates? What if there is more than one collective bargaining agreement in a given locality?
 I buy for a volunteer fire company in New York State. Can we use the state contracts?
 I own office rental space. How do I inform the State of my available rental property?
 What is Executive Order 127?
 When does Article 8 of the Labor Law, which requires the payment of prevailing rates of wages to employees, apply to a particular construction project?
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