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 Contact Information for State Agencies
  Contracting with New York State
  Federal Government
  Freedom of Information Law (FOIL)
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  Local Government Information
   Locate Local Government Websites
   Access to NYS County Web Sites
   Access Public Employment Relations Board Decision summaries
   Audits of New York City Agencies
   Brownfield Opportunity Area Grant Program
   Comptroller Local Government Information
   Contact Your Local Office for the Aging
   County Fair Listing
   Critical Environmental Areas
   Emergency Response Services Provided by the State of New York
   Fire Protection Grants
   Forms for Recipients of State Housing Grant Funds
   Lobbying Local Government in NYS
   Municipal Civil Service Agencies
   Municipal Governments Covered by the Lobbying Statute
   Obtain forms to file with PERB (PDF Forms)
   Public Employment in Local Government
   Public Involvement in NYS Environmental Issues
   Training and Assistance Available to Local Government
  Open Meeting Webcasts
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