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Question Can I get E - ZPass for my business?

Answer The Thruway Authority offers use of E - ZPass tags to commercial trucking companies who set up a “post - paid” charge account plan with the Thruway. These E - ZPass accounts are referred to as “Commercial” accounts. For more information about the Thruway's Commercial Charge Account Program, call 1 - 800 - 468 - 9946. In addition, there is a Business E - ZPass account. A Business account is a prepaid account available for individually owned or company-owned businesses which do not qualify for or do not wish to establish a post - paid commercial charge account with the Thruway Authority. For more information on the Business E - ZPass account program call 1 - 800 - 333 - 8655. E - ZPass is available to commercial vehicles on the entire Thruway System from New York City to the Pennsylvania border. Thruway E - ZPass tags can also be used on Metropolitan Transportation Authority Bridges & Tunnels facilities once you have set up an account with MTA. Truckers are also able to use E - ZPass tags on other New York City bridges and tunnels and tolled highways in New Jersey, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and Delaware, or anyplace where there is an E - ZPass logo displayed.

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