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Question I have squirrels (wildlife) making a nest in my attic. How do I get rid of them?

Answer Some people may be capable of handling wildlife nuisance problems on their own, but most people would benefit from a professional. Look in the yellow pages under 'pest control' and find someone who specializes in your particular problem. If you just want the wildlife removed or exterminated, you might also consider calling a Nuisance Wildlife Control Agent. These are private individuals who are licensed by the DEC to deal in such matters. They charge a fee for their services and they may or may not provide services beyond eliminating the immediate problem; that is, sealing off entrances or making other changes to insure the problem doesn't return. Local DEC wildlife staff can give advise over the telephone for people who can deal with a nuisance animal themselves and/or list the licensed agents people can call.

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Preventing and Controlling Wildlife Damage

Information on to take care of animals causing damage to your property

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