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Question How does the Division of Parole supervise parolees?

Answer The Division currently supervises 45,000 parolees in New York State. The supervision process begins with a discharge plan developed by Parole staff working within a state correctional facility even before the inmate's release from prison. The discharge plan forms the foundation for the supervision plan that is followed by a field parole officer after release. Field parole officers in the community visit with releasees at their residence, meet with them regularly at scheduled office visits, and make unannounced visits to the releasee's work or program location. Parole officers also conduct random drug tests of releasees in the community. In addition, the field parole officer assists the releasee in obtaining vocational or rehabilitative services.

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Parole Supervision

How parolees are supervised in New York State
Contact: Tom Grant Division of Parole Office of Public Affairs
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