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Question I am a process server, and I need to find out on whom I can serve legal papers for a particular banking institution.

Answer Banks headquartered in New York, whether operating under New York charter or federal charter, have not appointed the Superintendent of Banks their agent for service of process; thus, these institutions must be served directly. However, foreign banks which have been granted a license by the Superintendent of Banks to operate a branch, agency or representative office in New York have appointed the Superintendent to accept service in any action or proceeding against them on causes of action arising out of transactions with their New York offices. In such cases, two copies of such process must be delivered personally to the Superintendent's office together with a $2.00 check made payable to the Superintendent of Banks of New York. Further papers in the case, which papers do not themselves commence the proceeding against the bank, should be served directly on the bank or its counsel thereafter.

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