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Question How do I change the name on a vehicle registration and title certificate? How do I transfer the ownership of a vehicle? How do I change the name on the registration documents and the title certificate of a vehicle to my name?

Answer How to transfer the ownership of a vehicle:

  • The current owner must complete and sign the section of the title certificate that transfers the ownership, or provide some other documents that prove ownership and indicate the transfer of the ownership.
  • The new owner must pay the sales tax or provide proof that the transfer is exempt from the sales tax.
  • The new owner must apply for a new vehicle registration, vehicle plates and a title certificate. The new owner does not use the vehicle plates or the registration items of the previous owner.
  • The previous owner can transfer the vehicle registration and the vehicle plates to another vehicle or can apply for a refund of the registration fee if eligible.

You cannot change the name on the vehicle registration or the title certificate to the name of another person. You must transfer the ownership of the vehicle. The DMV web site has more information about the transfer of a vehicle:

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