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Question I was the oldest worker at my place of employment. I was recently fired because my boss thought I was too old for the job. He often showed a preference for younger workers. Is this age discrimination? If so, where can I go for help?

Answer Depending upon all of the facts involved, you may be the victim of age discrimination. If you believe you've been discriminated against because of your age, you can file a complaint with The New York State Division of Human Rights. (See: The NYSDHR enforces the New York State Human Rights Law. The Human Rights Law, bans discrimination against others based on certain personal traits. Anyone claiming to have been discriminated against at work, in a place where the public is served (i.e.; a restaurant, hotel, or a doctor's office) or when buying or renting a house or apartment, can file a claim with the Division of Human Rights. The Human Rights Law also protects you from discrimination when applying for credit or when applying for admission to certain schools.

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The New York State Division of Human Rights (the DHR) enforces the New York

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