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Question When making an Agency’s technology procurement, when do I need to file a Notice of Intent to Purchase?

Answer All Executive Agencies must obtain Office for Technology (OFT) approval for any and all purchases of technology and technology related materials, services or otherwise when they meet the following criteria:

  • For all software: purchase over $20,000;
  • For all other technology purchases: purchase over $50,000; or,
  • Whenever, in an agencies professional judgment, the potential exists for coordinating purchases among State Agencies and/or the purchase may be of interest to one of more State Agencies.

A Notice of Intent to Purchase is required for purchases off of an OGS centralized contract, for contract amendments, or when purchasing with Federal funds if the purchase meets or exceeds the above criteria. Agencies are encouraged to submit the Intent to Purchase as early in the procurement process as possible to insure that it does not hold up approval of the award.

The information and a copy Intent to Purchase (ITP) form, as well as other important information can be found in Office for Technology Policy 96-2A at A copy of the Intent To Purchase Notification Form can be obtained by calling (518) 473-0234, or E-Mailing a request to

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Office for Technology Policy 96-2A

Office for Technology Policy 96-2A Intent to Purchase Policy

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